Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited Representative Office in the Republic of Azerbaijan (“AIMC”) is a gold and copper producer in Azerbaijan. AIMC was founded in 1998 in accordance with the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) signed in 1997 between RV Investment Group Services and the Government of Azerbaijan Republic, to explore, develop, and produce at the prospective gold mining areas: Gedabek, Gosha, Ordubad Group (Piazbashi, Agyurt, Shakardara, Kiliyaki), Soutely, Kyzlbulag and Vejnali deposits. While the Company is already producing gold in the Gedabek Contract Area, the exploration goes on in the Gosha and Ordubad Contract Areas. On 5 July 2022, the Government of Azerbaijan approved amendments to the Production Sharing Agreement and the Company acquired three new contract areas with a combined area of 882 square kilometers, namely Garadagh, Xar-xar and Demirli. Two of the new concessions (Garadagh and Xar-xar) border the existing Gedabek and Gosha Contract Areas. The Demirli area borders the Kyzlbulag area, both of which are located in the Karabakh Economic Region of Azerbaijan, that is currently under Russian peacekeeper supervision. The company is awaiting access to these areas. The Gedabek Contract Area covers 300 sq.km contains the Gedabek and Gadir mines and the Gosha Contract Area, another 300 sq.km of property contains the Gosha mine. The 462 sq.km Ordubad Contract Area is located in the Nakhchivan region. The Contract Areas total 2,544 sq.km of portfolio of production and exploration assets in Azerbaijan. AIMC is a subsidiary of Anglo Asian Mining PLC and as an operator of the PSA was set up primarily to explore, develop and produce in prospective gold and copper deposits in Azerbaijan, which had been identified in the Soviet-era. After the PSA was signed, the Company has undertaken various development and exploration activities focused on proving up existing data, delineating new ore bodies, generating JORC compliant resources and reserve. The Management of the AIMC, which has a close working relationship with the Azerbaijani Government that enabled the rapid development of the Gedabek mine, aims to build a mid-tier gold and base metal production company.